Your TxTag Experience is Getting Easier

We're pleased to announce that improved TxTag customer toll services are available. These new and improved services offer simpler account maintenance, streamlined billing, decreased customer service wait times and more, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my accounts being merged?
All of your account types will be combined into one account to create a streamlined billing process for you. Account charges, including tolls plus administrative and violations fees, can be seen on one monthly statement and can be accessed with one account number. Merging will be an ongoing process as accounts are identified. You can access your account information online, by phone, or by using our new mobile website.

I am a TxTag customer but also have a separate Pay By Mail bill(s) or violation. What account number will I use to access my account?
You can use either account number or an statement number to access your account. You will then be redirected to your merged account.

I am a Pay By Mail customer, but also have a violation. What account number will I use to access my account?
You can use your account or statement number with your zip code or license plate number to access your account.

When can I expect to see a statement?
Statements will begin being sent out in early September and will follow the normal monthly cycle.

Toll transactions incurred during the system transition period were placed on hold. How will my outstanding toll transactions be handled?
Statements will begin being sent out in early September. Any toll transactions that occurred prior to the transition will pick up where they left off in the aging process. Any unpaid tolls will not start incurring fees until after your statement due date.

What will my new statement look like?

Can I print old statements?
Yes, you can go online and print statements.

What changes were made to your phone system?
The new system allows you to handle many account management functions using the improved automated phone system. This includes functions that would have previously required you to talk with a representative. Via the phone, you can make a payment, update auto-replenishment information, update your PIN, request a PIN, request a TxTag and listen to your transaction history.

I want to receive alerts for my TxTag account via text message. Can I do that?
Yes, you can log into your TxTag account profile or use the new automated phone system to select to receive mobile alerts. Once you're signed up for mobile alerts, you will receive text messages when you have a low account balance, credit card decline and upcoming credit card expiration date.

I want to make a payment to my account via my smart phone. Can I do that?
Yes, you can access your account through our new mobile website. You can log in to your TxTag account to make payments, update your account profile, change vehicle information and manage your credit card information.

What changes were made to AutoPay?
You can include up to three credit or debit cards on your AutoPay account. One will be the primary card that is used for automatic replenishments. The other two will be backup cards in case there is a problem completing the transaction through your primary card.

What happens if I have a TxTag account and my account goes negative?
TxTag customers who allow their account to go negative will pay the higher Pay By Mail toll rates until they replenish their account. However, they will keep the same account number and all tolls will be posted to that account.