DFW Connector TEXpress Lanes

The DFW Connector TEXpress lanes are toll managed lanes within a highway. These new toll lanes stretch four miles on SH 114 from just west of SH 26 to east of International Parkway, and provide an efficient alternative to Dallas-Fort Worth area traffic. TEXpress lanes run parallel to the general purpose lanes and allow travelers the choice of a faster trip by paying a toll to access the lanes.

TEXpress lanes use congestion-management pricing to help manage traffic flow and provide faster, more predictable travel. Roadside equipment recalculates real-time prices every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, aiming to ensure the lanes are moving at 50 mph or faster. As traffic levels and demand increase, the toll price changes to keep vehicles moving. Once traffic volumes drop, the price goes down.

TxTag, EZ TAG, TollTag, and K-TAG are all accepted on the DFW Connector. HOV discounts can be obtained by pre-registering at DriveOnTEXpress.com. TxTag users save 43% on tolls on the TEXpress lanes. Need a tag? Sign up here for a TxTag.

DFW Connector Updates

It’s important to keep your TxTag or other toll tag installed on your windshield and to ensure that your account information is up to date, including your license plate number, so toll charges can be applied correctly to your account.

For information on DFW Connector please visit http://ftp.dot.state.tx.us/pub/txdot-info/dal/texpress/fact-sheet.pdf.