Using Your TxTag

You may use your TxTag on toll roads throughout Texas. Just look for the TxTag logo or the following symbols:


It's important to keep your TxTag account and license plate information up to date to ensure that you are always charged correctly for your tolls on toll roads statewide,

Drivers with a TxTag may use any express or toll plaza lane. Express lanes look like regular lanes on a highway and allow drivers to maintain highway speeds while paying the toll electronically. These lanes do not have toll booths or coin machines. Toll plaza lanes are for drivers who pay tolls with cash at a toll booth or coin machine. Drivers with toll accounts may use these lanes, though everyone is required to slow down in toll plaza lanes whether or not they have a toll tag. Note: All tolls are collected electronically on TxDOT toll roads, so there is never any stopping to pay at a toll booth.

In the future, your TxTag may be used to pay fees for crossing international bridges and for parking at airports and garages, but these options are not currently available.