Why am I getting multiple toll bills?

In Texas, multiple transportation agencies are authorized to operate toll roads and do their own billing.

The Austin area has two toll authorities:

  • TxDOT/TxTag
  • Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (Mobility Authority)

If you do not have an electronic tag from TxTag, a TollTag from North Texas Tollway Authority in Dallas, or an EZ TAG from Harris County Toll Road Authority in Houston and you drive on roads operated by the transportation agencies above, you might receive two separate bills, depending on which roads you use. You could receive one bill from TxTag and one from Mobility Authority’s billing service, called Municipal Services Bureau (MSB).

I have an electronic TxTag account, so why did I get a statement with Pay By Mail tolls?
If you have an electronic TxTag account but you do not have enough money in your tag account to cover your tolls, you will receive a statement in the mail that includes tolls charged at the higher Pay By Mail rates. The statement will also include a mailing fee. You will continue to be charged at the Pay By Mail rates until your TxTag tag account is replenished. By signing up for AutoPay, your account will be automatically replenished when it gets to a preset low balance amount.

You could also receive a Pay By Mail bill if your TxTag was not detected on the toll road and your license plate does not match an existing tag account. Contact the TxTag Customer Service Center to update your tag account information by visiting TxTag.org or by calling 1-888-468-9824.

TxTag toll bill

Mobility Authority toll bill

Who is the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority?
The Mobility Authority operates, maintains, and collects tolls on 183A, 290 Toll, the new MoPac Express Lanes (1 Express) tentatively opening in 2016, and the upcoming SH 71 toll road. Mobility Authority toll bills can be resolved by visiting PayTexasToll.com or by calling 1-888-811-4565.

Who is MSB?
Municipal Services Bureau is a private corporation that processes Pay By Mail toll bills for the Mobility Authority.

Who is TxTag?
TxTag is operated by the Texas Department of Transportation. It manages all toll transactions on Loop 1, SH 45 N, SH 45 SE, and SH 130 in the Austin area and TxTag tag transactions anywhere in the state. TxTag toll bills can be resolved by visiting TxTag.org or by calling 1-888-468-9824.