PayIt - TxTag Partnership Q&A

What is the PayIt Tolls app?
The PayIt Tolls app gives customers an easy way to pay tolls and manage their TxTag account on a phone or other mobile device. Through the app, customers can add funds and update their prepaid TxTag account or take care of any Pay By Mail bills.

Is the PayIt Tolls app free?
Yes, the app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android.

Is there a charge for making TxTag or Pay By Mail payments with the PayIt Tolls app?
Yes, PayIt charges a $2.00 fee for every payment made via the app.

Can customers add AutoPay or remove it from their TxTag account through the PayIt app?
Yes, the PayIt Tolls app provides most of the account management tools currently available at TxTag.org. Customers can update their TxTag account information and add AutoPay, which will link their account to a credit or debit card so their account is automatically replenished when their account drops to a preset low balance amount.

Can customers pay a TxTag or Pay By Mail bill through the PayIt app?
Yes, customers can log into their Pay By Mail account through the app to pay a bill.

Who should I contact if there is an issue with a payment made through the PayIt app?
Customers who make payments through the PayIt app need to contact PayIt regarding any issues or questions related to the app.

Why did TxDOT partner with PayIt to develop an app?
PayIt-a Govtech company working with federal, state, and local governments through its digital government and payment platform-submitted a proposal in response to a solicitation that TxDOT posted for mobile applications that can expand ways for TxTag customers to pay tolls and manage their accounts. PayIt’s proposal received a favorable evaluation, and a contract was awarded.

Can other vendors provide the same services as PayIt?
Yes, TxDOT has an open solicitation posted on TxDOT.gov that allows other vendors the opportunity to develop an app for TxTag customers.