I have an exempt license plate. Does that mean I don't pay tolls?
Vehicles with exempt plates are not necessarily exempt from tolls. Free passage on TxDOT toll roads is granted to the following:

(1) Authorized emergency vehicles, as defined in Transportation Code, §541.20. This includes:

  • Fire department and police vehicles, public or private ambulances, and municipal department or public service corporation emergency vehicles.
  • Private vehicles of volunteer firefighters or certified emergency medical services employees or volunteers when responding to a fire alarm or medical emergency.
  • Industrial emergency response vehicles when responding to an emergency.
  • Vehicles of blood or tissue banks when making deliveries of blood, drugs, medicines, or organs.
(2) Marked, recognizable military vehicles, except on the Central Texas Turnpike System, where such vehicles may only receive free passage during time of war or other emergency.

(3) Department contractors working on the construction, improvement, maintenance, or operation of the toll project or system being traveled.

(4) Any vehicle in the time of a declared emergency or natural disaster, as determined by the executive director of TxDOT.

For more information regarding exemption policies, please refer to the Texas Transportation Commission Minute Order, dated April 26, 2006.

If I am exempt from tolls on TxDOT roads, am I also exempt on other facilities?
Each tolling agency has its own rules regarding toll-exempt vehicles. If you have questions regarding toll exemptions on other roadways, please contact the corresponding agency: Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Harris County Toll Road Authority (EZ TAG), NTTA (TollTag), Kansas Turnpike Authority (K-TAG), or Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (PIKEPASS).

How can my governmental organization pay our tolls?
Agencies can set up an account using a credit card or use the Pay By Mail option. Pay By Mail accounts can be paid by check or by electronic funds transfer. If electronic funds transfers are used to make payments, the agency will have to provide TxTag with a statement number and fax a confirmation to verify the funds have cleared the Comptroller's office. TxTag does not accept purchase requests as a payment form.

How can I get a W-9 form for our files?
Simply call the TxTag Customer Service Center at 1-888-468-9824, and a customer service representative can provide you with a W-9 form.