About TxTag

Can I use my TxTag in more than one vehicle?
No. Since your TxTag sticker must be permanently mounted on your windshield, it can only be used in one vehicle and should not be moved between vehicles. If you have more than one vehicle in your family or household, you can order additional TxTags and manage them on one account. If you are signed up for AutoPay, you will not be charged a fee for additional tags.

How do I update my TxTag account information? What if I change license plates?

  • You can update your account information by calling the TxTag Customer Service Center or by logging in at My TxTag Account, and choosing the "edit information" button next to your Account Holder Information. Edit the information you need to change, and select "Save". You can also update your email address to receive TxTag statements via e-mail and sign-up to receive mobile alerts.
  • You can make license plate adjustments by calling the TxTag Customer Service Center or by logging in at My TxTag Account, and choosing the option Vehicles and TxTags. Click the "edit" option to the right of the plate number you need to change. Edit the Plate number in the first option box, and click Save Vehicle.

What if I sell my vehicle?
You can remove a vehicle from your TxTag account by logging into your account online or by calling the TxTag Customer Service Center. It is important to update your account and deactivate the TxTag sticker that was on your vehicle right away so your account is not linked to a vehicle you no longer own. Even though your vehicle has been sold, you are liable for toll charges until the title is transferred to the new owner or until you submit a motor vehicle transfer notification. If you receive a statement for toll charges for your old vehicle, download the transfer notification form VTR-346, and call us at 1-888-468-9824 once you receive confirmation of the transfer from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV), which should take 5-7 business days.

What if I buy a new vehicle?
If you purchase a new vehicle, you will need to add the vehicle to your account online or by phone, and you will need to request a replacement TxTag sticker, whether or not you choose to keep your existing license plates. You should not move your TxTag sticker from your old vehicle to your new one, as removing your tag would damage the microchip in the sticker.

What if my vehicle is stolen?
You must remove the vehicle from your TxTag account and deactivate your TxTag by contacting the TxTag Customer Service Center as soon as possible if your vehicle is stolen. If you are signed up for Auto Pay, there is no charge to replace a lost or stolen tag.

Can I use my TxTag if I'm pulling a trailer with my vehicle?
Yes. Sensors in the road will detect the trailer and take the additional charge for the trailer from your account.

Can motorcycles use TxTag stickers?
Motorcycles use a different type of TxTag than those used on cars and trucks. If you have a motorcycle, you may request a motorcycle tag online or by phone. The charge for a motorcycle tag includes a refundable deposit.

When can I contact the TxTag Customer Service Center?
You can use our automated phone service at any time to make updates to your TxTag account or to add money to your account. Call center and walk-up counter service hours can be found on our Contact Us page.

Can I use my Dallas TollTag, Houston EZ TAG, Kansas K-TAG, or Oklahoma PIKEPASS in TxTag lanes?
Yes. The Dallas TollTag, Houston EZ TAG, Kansas K-TAG, and Oklahoma PIKEPASS work in toll lanes that display the TxTag logo throughout the state. Be sure your account information is up to date with your tolling agency to avoid potential fees.

Can I add a TxTag sticker to my existing NTTA, HCTRA, K-TAG, or PIKEPASS toll account?
No. While the tags are interoperable on the roadways, different tag types may not be placed on one account.

Is there a charge for the TxTag sticker?
Customers who are signed up for AutoPay (automatic replenishment) will not be charged for their TxTag stickers. Customers not enrolled in AutoPay will be charged $7.99 for a new or replacement TxTag sticker.