Installing Your TxTag

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to correctly install the TxTag sticker on your windshield. You can also watch a short video clip on how to install your TxTag by clicking on your windshield type below.

Remember not to peel the backing on the tag until you are ready to stick it to your windshield. Once the tag is placed, movement or removal will damage the electronic chip inside.

Find where to install your TxTag.

Where your tag goes depends on your windshield type:

Step 1

Mirror attached to ceiling

Center TxTag on windshield behind rear-view mirror 4" below top edge of windshield.

Step 2

Mirror attached to windshield

Center TxTag on windshield 1/2" below where the mirror attaches to the windshield.

Step 3

Oversized Trucks, Cargo Trucks and Trucks with Flat Windshields

Center TxTag on windshield 2" up from the bottom of the windshield.

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Install your TxTag in three easy steps.

Step 1     Step 2     Step 3
  • Clean. Clean and dry the inside of your windshield. The windshield's temperature must be above 50º F for the TxTag to stick.
  • Position. Your TxTag goes on the inside of your windshield behind the rearview mirror. See illustrations above. The tag will not work if you place it too close to metal or metallic tinting.
  • Stick. Peel off the clear backing on the gray side and stick the gray side to the inside of the windshield. Start in the center and smooth the TxTag against the glass in a circular motion to get a tight seal. Once installed, the blue label and TxTag logo should be visible when sitting inside the vehicle.

Having problems?

Your tag may not work if it is not properly installed, and you may be charged incorrectly for your tolls or be fined for failure to pay on other toll authority roads in Texas.

Common mistakes to avoid:

  • Not sticking the tag to the windshield – Your TxTag sticker must be permanently installed in the correct place on your vehicle's windshield. DO NOT hold up your tag with your hand, wave it, attach it to a sun visor, or place it outside of the vehicle.
  • Installing the tag too close to metal – Installing your tag too close to metal can interfere with the tag's electronic signal. The tag must be at least four inches away from the top edge of the windshield.
  • Applying the tag to a cold windshield – The windshield's temperature must be above 50º F for the tag adhesive to stick properly. If it is colder than 50º F, use your car's heater/defroster to warm the windshield. Dry off any condensation before applying your tag.
  • Installing more than one toll tag – If you have another type of toll tag on your windshield, its electronic signal may interfere with your TxTag's signal, causing it not to be read. You could also be charged twice if both tags are read. Install only one electronic toll tag in your vehicle.

If you need assistance or have questions about installing your tag, please contact the TxTag Customer Service Center.