TxTag Accounts

Why do I have multiple accounts?
If you have a TxTag account and your account balance falls below zero, a Pay By Mail account will be created for you and you will receive a bill in the mail – with a new account number – the next time you drive on the toll road. Should you fail to pay your Pay By Mail bill, those transactions will convert to a violation, and a Violation account will be created for you. You can avoid multiple accounts by keeping money in your TxTag account and ensuring that your account information is up to date.

TxTag account holders should call the TxTag Customer Service Center at 1-888-468-9824 to resolve any unpaid accounts. Online account management is not available for TxTag accounts that have been suspended due to a negative balance.

Note: Should your account balance fall below zero and your account become suspended, you will be required to pay an account reactivation fee in the amount of $8.50 to reactivate your TxTag Account beginning March 29, 2012.

How do I check my account balance?
You may check your account balance online or by calling the TxTag Customer Service Center.

Can I have more than one vehicle on an account?
Yes. You can manage multiple vehicles on a single, TxTag account. This includes both motorcycle and sticker tags. If you need more than five tags on one account, you will need to set up a commercial account.

How do I add additional vehicles to my TxTag account?
You can add vehicles to an existing registered account and request more tags from the TxTag Customer Service Center online, by phone or by mail. Be sure to have your TxTag account number available.

If you need to combine separate accounts into one account, please call the TxTag Customer Service Center at 1-888-468-9824 (International: 001-512-874-9998), and a representative can assist you.

I added a vehicle to my account. Should I request a TxTag for the vehicle I just added?
Yes. If you add a vehicle to your TxTag account, request that a tag be mailed to you. You may do this online by logging in to your account and selecting "Request Tag or Card" under the "Tag and Card Info" menu item on the left-hand side. You can also call 1-888-468-9824 (International: 001-512-874-9998) to request a tag.

Can I activate my TxTag online?
If you order a tag online or from a TxTag Customer Service Representative, it will arrive already added to your account, activated and ready to install on your vehicle immediately. To manage your account or tag(s) online, simply log in.

How do I update the information on my TxTag account? What if I change license plates?
You can update your address and phone numbers by logging into your account or by calling the TxTag Customer Service Center. To update your license plate information, please call the TxTag Customer Service Center at 1-888-468-9824 (International: 001-512-874-9998).

What should I do if my tag is lost, stolen or damaged?
Call the TxTag Customer Service Center at 1-888-468-9824 (International: 001-512-874-9998) immediately and have your TxTag account number readily available. Until you notify us, you are liable for any tolls, fees and charges on your account. Please note that beginning March 19, 2012 customers requesting a replacement tag for an account without AutoPay will pay $13.85 to replace a TxTag sticker that was lost or stolen. Replacement of tag that was damaged or lost due to circumstances beyond your control will not require a tag fee.

Will you send me a monthly statement?
Registered TxTag account holders can receive free monthly statements by email. To receive your statement by mail, accounts are charged a mailing fee. Beginning on March 29, 2012, the mailing fee for TxTag and Pay By Mail accounts is $1.15. Pay By Mail customers may also request emailed statements and avoid the $1.15 mailing fee.

What happens if I lose my TxTag Account Management Card?
You need an Account Management Card only if you have an unregistered account and wish to manage your account through the TxTag website. You may call the TxTag Customer Service Center to request a new Account Management Card.

How do I know what my low balance threshold is?
This information can be found in Attachment A–Account Parameters of the License and Use Agreement.

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